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Studio Apartment


Available Starting May, 2023

$710.00: 417 Sq.Ft.

Limited Availability. If you prefer to live by yourself, our studio is extremely spacious & has defined living spaces!

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1 Bedroom Apartment

1 Bed 1 Bath

Available Starting February 5th, 2023

$823: 622 Sq.Ft.

Limited Availability. This can be a wonderful single or shared space! With a spacious master bedroom & available courtyard units, you can have a personal patio to a great outdoor space!

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Apartments near ISU

2 Bedroom Apartment

2 Bed 1 Bath

Available Starting February , 2023

$883: 800 Sq.Ft.

Great space to share an apartment with a friend, furnish a guest room, decorate a nursery, or a room for children. The perfect blend of space and privacy.

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3 Bedroom Apartment

3 Bed 1.5 Bath

Starting January 2023

$1002: 1002 Sq.Ft.

The most popular floor plan. Complete with a comfortable living area and an added dining area. Our 3 Bedroom offers the best bang for your buck! It’s our fastest selling unit, so act fast on this one. The 3 Bed offers plenty of space and privacy for a great, affordable rate!

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